Ausblick auf 2020 (in englisch)

Thank you for being part of 12th International Basic Income Week #basicincomeweek12 last week.***

Next 13th International Basic Income Week #basicincomeweek13 is coming:
Mo-Su 14th-20th September 2020

We are collecting suggestions for a Motto until 31st October 2019. Send the motto in your language plus a translation into English to the Webpage contact form or Facebook page messenger
We will publish all the suggestions and hold a Motto election from 1st-30th November 2019. Details for the election process will be published with the motto suggestions.

The Motto, layout, logo, etc. of the 13th International Basic Income Week 2020 will coming up summer 2020.

We invite activists around the world to contribute to our action Week for Unconditional Basic Income. The Basic Income Week (BIW) is a week of participation around the globe and we need YOU to join us.

Organise an basic income event and share it via our Webpage event form and our Facebook page (by setting up our Facebook page as a co-host of your Facebook event).

Be part of the #basicincomeweek13 !

*** #basicincomeweek12 Thanks e.g. to the supporting countries with or without basic income events:
Algatus tingimusteta põhisissetuleku – kodanikupalga võimaluste uurimiseks
Australia (Association for Good Government)
Basic Income Canada Network (and Revenu de base Québec)
Basic Income Earth Network
Basic Income Europe
Basic Income Ireland
Basic Income UK
Basinkomst = Medborgarlön (and Basinkomst Stockholm)
BIEN Finland – Suomen perustuloverkosto ry
BINZ Basic Income New Zealand
Borgerlønn BIEN Norge
Feltétel Nélküli Alapjövedelem / FNA
Generation Grundeinkommen Österreich
India Network for Basic Income
MFRB Revenu de base
Netzwerk Grundeinkommen
???????? ????? ?????? ?????? / Basic Income Russia Tomorrow
??????????? ??? ?? ?????? ????????
Renta Básica Universal
SPII Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute
Ubetinget Basisindkomst
UBI Asia Pacific ??????????
US Basic Income Guarantee Network
Vatanda?l?k Temel Geliri – VTG
Vereniging Basisinkomen