Ein erstes Resumee – und Ausblick

Dear Basic Income friends,
Thank you so much for all your great basic income events and gatherings this week! Today we have 3 important bits of information for you:
1. updated participating countries‘ list
2. Call for Basic Income Marches around the world on 26th Oct
3. The motto for next year’s ibiw – send in your suggestions NOW!
1. This week there were live events in 18 countries on 5 continents (we’re sadly missing Africa this year). Not all events made in onto the calendar on http://basicincomeweek.org, partly due to the attacks on the website at the start of the week, partly due to not everyone using the calendar and us becoming aware of events through social media: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK, US. But as you know, there are basic income developments in many other countries around the globe.
2. Next global action: 26th Oct: Basic Income March. https://www.basicincomemarch.com/
Currently there are Marches planned in the USA, Netherlands and in Germany. These cities are taking part so far: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Amsterdam, Berlin and Minneapolis.
If you want to organise your own or join an existing one, please get in touch with the organisers via the website or: https://twitter.com/IncomeMarch
3. 13th Basic Income Week 14th-20th Sep 2020: Motto suggestions!
We are now collecting suggestions for a Motto for next ibiw until 31st Oct!
Send the motto in your language plus a translation into English to this Email address. Any mottos sent after 31st Oct will not be considered.
We will publish all the suggestions and hold a Motto election from 1st-30th Nov. Details for the election process will be published with the motto suggestions.
Please send us plenty of suggestions you can then chose from!
See you soon on of the Marches or elsewhere in the basic income universe,
Manja &
the ibiw coordination team

International Basic Income Week

Dear friends,
The 12th International Basic Income Week is starting today with a colourful programme!
13* countries have registered events with us so far on basicincomeweek.org  and facebook – Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, USA – while BIEN and the UK are contributing to ibiw with media publications.

If your event got lost or is still missing, please contact us and we will fix that. We have experienced an unprecedented amount of hits this year and also hacking attempts, so our webmaster had to adapt the site to a simpler version, just displaying basic information. It’s possible that some information was lost in this process. Sorry about this!

Alternatively you can connect to our Facebook page: 

There you also find the avatars and posters for ibiw 12.
If you make ibiw co-host of your event, we automatically add you to this year’s participants and include your event/s in our posts on social media.

* We will update the list of participating countries accordingly.

Post your ubi photos on Wednesday, using #countonbasicincome

!!! Dates changed !!!
#basicincomemarch dates have changed to October. Check the details at their facebook pages for Amsterdam, New York City and Berlin:
This gives your city more time to join in. 🙂
Now we wish all of you an eventful and inspiring International Basic Income Week!

Weiterführende Links auf Facebook einschl. Termintipps

Wer mehr über das Grundeinkommen und aktuelle Termine erfahren möchte, kann z.B. auf Facebook vieles finden:

Netzwerk Grundeinkommen

Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen (mit Veranstaltungshinweisen)

Archiv Grundeinkommen

BGE statt Braunkohle

Weitere Linktipps der Ini BGE Berlin:

www.facebook.com/groups/bgeberlin/ [Partei Bündnis Grundeinkommen Landesverband Berlin]
www.facebook.com/groups/840082129697320/ [evtl nur für Frauen]

UBIE-Newsletter wirbt für die Woche des Grundeinkommens

Viel ist passiert seit dem letzten Newsletter, schreibt Unconditional Basic Income Europe im aktuellen Newsletter (auf englisch, hier im Original nachzulesen):

International Basic Income Week: 16-22 September 2019

Dear Basic Income Advocates,
quite a few things happened since our last update. Most importantly for us, UBIE had a highly productive General Assembly in Berlin, where it elected a new Core Group and decided to prepare a new European Citizens‘ Initiative called „Start Unconditional Basic Income“ for 2020.

In the European politicial sphere (let’s not talk about Brexit for a moment) one of the most important developments was the election of a new European Parliament and the designation of a new Commission President. The former German federal minister of defence, Ursula von der Leyen – whose views on basic income are not exactly well known – is presenting her college of Commissioners proposals to the EP these days. The hearings will be worth paying attention to, in order to find out what the designated Commissioners in charge of the relevant portfolios (like Employment, Social Affairs, Economy) might think about basic income and how we will be able to work with them in the coming years.

In a small campaign ahead of the EP elections, UBIE asked MEP candidates about their approaches to basic income – you can find the results here. Do you know how your country’s newly elected MEPs think about basic income? We would be happy if you could share your insights with us. If you don’t already know this, it would be great if you could send them the three questions from the campaign. And then please forward the answers to ep2019@ubie.org! This would help UBIE a lot when we have opportunities for lobbying.

Plans are also underway for a new European Citizens Initiative for Basic Income – watch this space, we’ll have more information about it soon!

International Basic Income Week 2019:
Make money an invention that works for everyone!

This month 16-22 September will be the 12th International Basic Income Week, with a wealth of online and offline activities! You can see what’s going on (and add your own events) on the website and on Facebook. Ways to participate include talks, cafes, ‘Basic Income Beer’, Wednesday 18 Sept #countonbasicincome online photo event so that everyone has a chance to debate and support basic income in many places around Europe!

19 October: Basic Income Marches
Together with Andrew Yang’s Basic Income March in New York, similar manifestations will take place in Europe, for example in Berlin and Amsterdam. Who wants to follow? Add your march to the list!